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Keeping Our Neighbourhood Safe

If you suspect any crime is being carried out, wish to report vandalism, threatening behaviour, or have any suspicions of wrong doing within the village please feel free to report the matter to the co-ordinator who will then endeavour to advise and assist you to resolve the issue.

If you are witnessing any crimes, vandalism or just sheer rowdiness help is at hand: Phone the POLICE on 01788 541111 or  01926 415000. Report what you have seen and the police will, if appropriate, send the nearest patrol to assist.


Ian Bentlett Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator tel: 833454

Sharon Bailie-Crabtree - Community Support Officer. Contact via Ian Bentlett.

If you log on to www.safer-neighbourhoods.co.uk you can view updates from the police regarding issues in the local area, any alerts and matters of concern. Information is also on display in the village notice boards.

If in doubt dial 999.